Fork of yii-auth for compatibility with yiibooster

This is fork of yii-auth


YiiBooster instead yiistrap

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Original yii-auth

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realtebo at 2014/11/07 04:02am
Please add Yii version to the title

Is this for Yii 1.1.* or for Yii 2.* ?

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Jorgee at 2014/01/15 02:54pm
Little bug

Hi, I found problems to adding security to this module.

For example, in the VIEW action, actually you can update the roles and assignments, which is not good.

I had to move the part where these things were being update to the actionUpdate, and change the 'action' url of the forms that update them.

After this, I've been able to do access control check with accessRules() method, so only people with 'permissions.update' role were able to change them (Add child, remove parent, edit name).

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Jorgee at 2014/01/14 02:08pm

Just what I needed, It seems to work good, I am testing now. Thanks

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