Yii 1.1: wysiswyg

(widget) super lite editor with Jquery , it is extremely easy to customize the look of this editor

This is a simple (widget) WYSIWYG editor with Jquery . It works quite fine in MSIE (even wersion 6) and Firefox JS file is only 1.12 kB in size (899 B when minified), CSS file is 256 B, icons – 16.4 kB.

Toolbar is in defined in a HTML file (4.74 kB) so it is extremely easy to customize the look of this editor. special thanks to (de77)


Yii 1.1 or above put the "protected" folder in the protected folder and "assetsEditor" outside the protected folder


<?php $this->widget('Editorx',array(
'options' => 
)); ?>

<div id="editor"> this will turn to WYSIWYG </div>


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Lal Zada at 2013/03/28 02:00am
Not working

only display this msg

this will turn to WYSIWYG

any help...???

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syrakozz at 2011/07/16 05:40am
yes its support :)

yes its support :)

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yiqing95 at 2011/07/16 05:23am
it 's so small , amazing !

may be it s the fastest and smallest editor i v seen . one question : does it support customer plugins , you see we often need upload photos , select some pictures from our net disk on server. so what about plugin?

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