Yii 1.1: top-bottom-scrolling

Scrolling to the top and to the bottom of the page..

Print two simple buttons on the right/bottom side of the screen, for scrolling to the top or to the bottom of the page.




$this->widget('ext.topBottom.scroll', array(
        'opacity' => 0.2, // ('opacity' = 0 vs. 'opacity' != 0 => different behavior)

Change Log

2013-05-31 -opacity property: - if it's between 0 and 1 the buttons will not be hidden, but will fade to this opacity - if it's 0 or bigger then 1 or if it's not present buttons have different behaviours...

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firefly at 2013/09/23 07:31am
this project on github

Starting from now this project can also be found on gitHub: https://github.com/6firefly/TopBottom

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