Yii 1.1: sortable-model

Helper for managing manually created order of models

SortableModel is a helper for managing manually created order of models to Yii web framework.


  1. Copy/Clone dir in protected/extensions/SortableModel:
git clone https://github.com/wapmorgan/SortableModel.git protected/extensions/SortableModel
  1. Open your model and add behavior in behaviors() method like this:
public function behaviors() {
        return array(
            'SortableModel' => array('class' => 'ext.SortableModel.SortableModelBehavior'),
  1. All newly created models will be at the end of list.

  2. To move them, call moveUp() or moveDown().

  3. If you delete a record, all the subsequent records are moved up one position.


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