Yii 1.1: soapbehavior

A behavior that manages everything SOAP related. Connection, errors (WSDL not found, timeout)

My main goal was to separate error handling. Connection problems (eg WSDL not found, timeouts) are now isolated from errors because of for example a "wrong" call (eg a missing field or wrong type). Also try/catch works even when xdebug is enabled (see Issue 609)


Yii 1.1.8 or above (tested ONLY with 1.1.8, though it's nothing fancy and should work with every 1.1 version)


Webservice Component

Required Properties

To use it, your component needs the following variables:

public $wsdl;
public $config = array();
public $behaviors = array(
    'soapBehavior' => array(
        'class' => 'ext.SoapBehavior'


I initialize $wsdl and $config through my config files (eg protected/config/main.php) and setComponents in the module I wanna use it.

'modules' => array(
    'moduleName' => array(
        'wsConfig' => array(
            'wsdl' => 'http://example.com/wsdl',
            'config' => array(
                'proxyHost' => 'example.com',
                'proxyPort' => '8080',

Set Component In Module

    'compName' =>
        CMap::mergeArray(array('class' => 'module.components.WSComponent'), $this->wsConfig),


To do a call you have to run soapRequest($nameOfSoapMethod, $request):

$ret = $this->soapRequest('getUserInformation', array(
    'userId' => 321,
$ret['success'];  // indicates if the soap call was successful
$ret['wsReturn']; // what the webservice returned

The Actual SoapBehavior

 * Description of SoapBehavior
 * @author yodel
class SoapBehavior extends CBehavior {
    private $__soapClient;
    public function getSoapClient() {
        if(empty($this->__soapClient)) {
            try {
                $this->__soapClient = @new SoapClient($this->owner->wsdl, $this->owner->config);
            } catch(SoapFault $e) {
                Yii::log(__METHOD__.' No connection to SoapService: '.$e->getMessage()."\n\n".
                    CVarDumper::dumpAsString($this->owner), 'warning', 'soap.behavior');
        return $this->__soapClient;
    public function soapRequest($method, $request) {
            return array('success' => false);
        try {
            $ret = $this->soapClient->$method($request);
            $success = true;
        } catch(SoapFault $e) {
            Yii::log(__METHOD__.' soapRequest failed: '.$e->getMessage()."\n\n".
                '$method: '.CVarDumper::dumpAsString($method)."\n\n".
                '$request: '.CVarDumper::dumpAsString($request), 'warning', 'soap.behavior');
            $success = false;
        return array(
            'success' => $success,
            'wsReturn' => $ret,



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hofrob at 2012/02/20 11:49am
it's arbitrary

"does that get referenced somewhere else?"

No, the only place I used this variable is in the init method of the module (and in the config of course). So you can use more than 1 configs in the same module (with different variable names for example).

But to be honest I am not initializing the component that way anymore. One advantage of registering your webservices as a "normal" component is you can access it from anywhere in the application with


For example I had 2 nested modules and when I wanted to access the component within a (form)model of one of the modules I had to use



#7033 report it
meadows at 2012/02/20 11:32am
Multiple wsdl files

I see in your config you use wsConfig to name your wsdl configuration information. I am starting on an app that uses 5 different wsdl files, is that name arbitrary so I can just use one with significance or does that get referenced somewhere else?

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