Yii 1.1: smartwizard

A flexible jQuery plug-in for wizard like interface.

Smart Wizard is a flexible jQuery plug-in for wizard like interface. It allows to group contents into sections and so it saves page space and also gives a neat and stylish interface for users. Using Smart Wizard 2.0 you can easily do input validation and so it is good for user registration and kind of tasks.


Easy to implement, Minimal HTML required. Ajax contents loading option. Cool animation effects on step navigation. (none/fade/slide/slideleft) Keyboard navigation option Horizontal and vertical style step anchors. Easy step input validation option Option to highlight error steps In-built message box Easy navigation with step anchors and navigation buttons Can have multiple wizards on same page Option to enable all steps on first load


Installation: unzip to protected/extensions/


Yii 1.X


In your View Call the smartWizard widget

               "onLeaveStep"=>'leaveAStepCallback',//more options check attached documentation
                     "StepTitle"=>"Account Details",
                     "stepDetails"=>"Fill your account details",                    
                     "StepTitle"=>"Profile Details",
                     "stepDetails"=>"Fill your Profile details",                    
                     "StepTitle"=>"Contact Details",
                     "stepDetails"=>"Fill your contact details",                    
                     "StepTitle"=>"Other Details",
                     "stepDetails"=>"Fill your other details",                    
                   .....Other tabs......


http://techlaboratory.net/smartwizard * Project page * Try out a demo

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ziii at 2014/05/29 05:26am

Thanks for your request, the plugin is provided by techlaboratory, maybe this should help https://github.com/mstratman/jQuery-Smart-Wizard, it not my own creation, rather I just just converted it into a yii widget

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tomvdp at 2014/05/29 04:01am
At least provide the reference to the actual jQuery plugin


Your description is a literal copy&paste of the text found at the above url.

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