Yii 1.1: sdashboard

A Dashboard you can use for multi purposes, pure ajax.

*Note, sorry I had a small bug when creating a portlet in the version I released,it's fixed now.

A tried a bunch of dashboard solutions but didnt like any of them so I made my own. Each portlet can have title, content (texteditor included) and an ajaxcall. They can be connected to one user or set them to default to let all users see them.

All you have to do for the ajaxcall is to provide a url for an action. (There is a demo action in DashboardController to help you get started).

In full mode, you can: - add portlets - hide portlets - delete portlets - update portlets - resize , move,minimize and maximize

Everything is saved into a database (size and position also).

In modify mode you can -resize,move,minimize,maximize.


Yii-Bootstrap And hide the index.php for url's. Developed in Yii 1.1.10 Tested in chrome and firefox


Change your config (normally protected/config/main.php): ADD this line to your import array ,

And in the modules array :

This is example on how you can link to the diffrent modes: Notice ?rand='.time() that is there to prevent the browser fram caching.

array('label'=>'Dashboard View Mode', 
array('label'=>'Dashboard modifymode',
array('label'=>'Dashboard adminmode',

I made a bonus viewwidget that only displays portlets, without giving the user access to change anything.
Simlpy run this: (will display the default portlets in view mode only), If you want to display portlets for a specific user , change userid to that user.

<?php $this->widget('viewPortlets',array('userid'=>0));?>


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Sampa at 2012/08/10 04:56am
About the demo ..

Pleasee have respect for that it is a demo page, I do not regulary check it and when all users have unlimited access it can apparently can get a mess when there is 50+ portlets added at random. It is nothing that effect the usage of the extension when you dl it.

#9431 report it
Aizaz Barki at 2012/08/10 03:28am
Crashed two of my browsers

I have run only the demo app of this extension ( sdashboard ) and it crashed two of my browsers Mozilla and Chrome.

I think its all because of too many Ajax calls.

Please admin make it correct , or this is unuseful


#9332 report it
iceinrain at 2012/08/03 04:13pm

somehow the page of demo is freeze in my browser chrome

#9174 report it
mostofa at 2012/07/26 04:45am

**i like this **

#9138 report it
Porcelanosa at 2012/07/23 05:11pm
good job

good job, thanks

#9135 report it
yiqing95 at 2012/07/23 10:39am
demo can't work . idea is great

it 's similar to CPortlet , enable us create from dashboard .

in a cms project it will be useful , a page could be composed of lots portlet (some one call it block) , if we can visually design each portlet it will be great . resize , edit the title , content ,enable it . but these functionality require skillful js techs . the whole structure will be : a site composed of lots menu and pages . menu links to page , page composed of lots portlet . each portlet will be high editable and themable . the WYSIWYG web editor will assistance us to create the page and block .

i will be glad to see such a extension come out to yii community .

by the way . to be more general the 'user_id' will be replace by 'page_id' or composite key 'model_class , model_key' then every AR can be link to lots of portlet. but how to display them it will be a challenge . eg : the layout (main or columnxx) is totally blank all parts(surly it will be block or portlet ) will be generated by visual design .. we can dynamic modify the front end 's look and feel from backend . the dolphin is already accomplish these functionality . try the dolphin

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