Yii 1.1: rights-user-preconfigured

I prepackaged Yii Rights / Yii User so you don't have to configure anything but your database info.

I prepackaged Yii Rights / Yii User / Yii Private Messaging so you don't have to configure anything but the basics. No hacks, installation, confusion, migrations, configurations, or headaches!

Basically, these are downloadable working demos of the three modules.

The included instructions with these modules as most of you have figured out, are less than clear at best. Well, at least to me. So here is everything you need to make them work with almost no configuration.

I have included 4 working files. (You will have to click see all).

These are the modules I packed up.

Yii Rights I used version 1.3.0.r147 the latest as of 10/18/12. by itself (Doesn't have user creation or profile page like Yii-User)

Yii User I used version 0.3-61-gfc69518 the latest as of 10/18/12. (Doesn't have a strong RBAC like Yii-Rights)

Yii User + Yii Rights same versions as above. (User creation with RBAC)

Private-Messaging I used version 0.1.1-0-gdc4a864 the latest as of 10/18/12 (Yii User + Rights + Private Messaging (User creation with RBAC + Private Messaging).


Tested on Yii 1.1.12 latest as of 10/18/12.


Step 1. download and unzip into your yii root directory (the place where your framework file is) and name it what ever you want.

Step 2. Change the name of the database in the lines below in the MySQL file to your desired name. If your using PC then Kmodo Edit is a great editor (will open a ton of different file types) and it's free.

CREATE DATABASE yiirights; //or yiiuser depending on which you downloaded
USE yiirights;

(If you run/ copy/paste into say localhost/phpmyadmin you can just run it under the main sql tab.)

Step 3. Run the included sql file located in the main directory of the download I provided (not under any sub directory).

Step 4. Configure your protected/console and protected/config to use the database you created in step 2.

Step 5. Try it out!

YII RIGHTS URL: yourdomainname/rights

Private Messaging URL: yourdomainname/message

Login with the default demo/demo or admin/admin and send messages back and forth!

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zabaleta10 at 2014/11/02 08:21am
Method User::getFullName not defined

anyone can help me, i'm using yii-user+rights (not preconfigured) and now i want to use private messaging

after i configure main.php

i got this error ----> Method User::getFullName not defined

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yiijco at 2013/01/26 09:57pm
migrate to postgresql?

guys..anyone knows how to migration to postgresql with this extension?

#11484 report it
yiijco at 2013/01/16 07:55am
create avatar doesn't work insert to database

create avatar doesn't work insert to database in user table..any one can help please.. < solved ..thank you

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skworden at 2012/10/26 02:27pm


You could use it like a module and just add my database tables to your existing tables. Extract the modules (protected/modules): user, rights, and message and add them to your system. Then copy and paste the config settings (which are all default to the instructions included with the original modules.

However, I am working on an 'admin'/user module. Basically is user/role management is under admin/users & admin/rights as well as whatever else you want in the "back-end" (not really separated to keep the original file structure so the user can separate them if they want). It is also bootstrapped and a different theme front and back ends. I've been using it for a week however it is not ready to be distributed :(.

I checked the .sql files and all of my table names as well as columns are lowercase. The only things that are capitalized are the DROP TABLE, CREATE TABLE, P/F KEY, DEFAULT and NULL/NOT NULL statements which shouldn't matter.

All I did was take my working versions database and exported it from phpMyAdmin into a sql file. I retested all the tables on my basic system and they went without errors. (windows 7 64bit running XAMPP 1.8.1, with Apache 2.4.3, MySQL 5.5.27, PHP 5.4.7, phpMyAdmin

Please let me know if I'm missing something.

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Xgamer99 at 2012/10/26 10:53am
Database issues

I think it would be better to have this as a module instead of a full-blown Yii skeleton.

I had a lot of errors relating to the capitalization of database table names. Please make sure everything is in lowercase in the database and with the provided .sql file

Other than that, thank you for making this. I had difficulty getting the damn migration working for yii-user as well and was about to roll my own

#10306 report it
skworden at 2012/10/18 10:10am
Thumbs Down?

Why the thumbs down? Did it not work? Would someone let me know if it works please.

#10294 report it
skworden at 2012/10/18 02:35am
Problems with the two by default

I didn't want to clutter up the post too much so I'm including what the problems are with the default versions of the modules listed above.

Rights: When you configure everything correctly as instructed it is still not enough. You need to create the database, however, the database schema included doesn't include the user portion.

You also need to use gii and create the user model after you create the user table. Once you do that it will go to the install, however, when it inputs the default values it marks in the authitem table admin as 2 instead of 1 thus, throwing a 403 error of There must be at least one super admin and sometimes a CBexception.

In Users,

You must create the model user as well as run the migration, which I couldn't get to work as it was instructed to work. The MySQL file included bypasses having to run the migration.

Private messaging worked out of the box. Just change the user model in the config file to Users (instead of User if you used my sql tables) as instructed and your good to go.

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