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Send SMS messages using Almas WebService
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Send SMS messages using Almas WebService.
Almas Webservice, a service for sending short messages via the web. This is only available for Internet users in Iran. A large number of SMS value-added service providers use this system, so this component can help many users to send SMS messages.
The use of this component is required to have a username and password, you can send SMS messages.
It is explained that the web service is Magfa product.
Address one of the Web services model as follows:


requirements of using this extension (e.g. Yii 1.1 or above)...


  • Extract the release file under protected/extensions
  • After place this code within your configuration file (main.php) inside the 'components' section
'sms' => array(
    'class'    => 'ext.RezvanSMS.RezvanSMS',
        'login'     => 'user to login', // User to web login 
        'password'   => 'password to login',     // password to web login
        'testMode' => true            // If you gonna only test


See the following code example:

Yii::app()->sms->SendSms( array( '+34600000000', '+01555000000' ), 'Hello!' );


comming soon...

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Amini at 2014/07/12 06:37am

Thank you,
The question of Your:
1.Is it possible for me and iranian user to use Payum extention are there?
2.Is it possible for me and iranian user to use Datepicker extention are there?
3.Is it possible for me and iranian user to use twiliosms extention are there?
And the other ...
Think about If you logically possibility to use for me and my compatriots there are none!
So my reason for not using these components to make them similar to Persian and Persian-speakers have. Also noteworthy is the fact that Send SMS from this component is subject to having the username and password from the provider companies are, that you can also attempting to send it with username and password.
Due to the lack of affordable, it's not good for users outside the country, but it is not impossible and impractical.

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sefburhan at 2014/07/10 05:27am

hello Amini , please before uploading extensions do check, as many things missing now, like no description, resources,download link and even uploaded it twice please try to avoid the confusion because you will not be able to delete the extensions once you upload.and please do try to upload universal stuff, like i can not use this extension in our region!


#17644 report it
Amini at 2014/07/10 05:11am
Complete description

Hi dear, A brief description in relation to the Almas webservice was added.

#17642 report it
sefburhan at 2014/07/10 02:53am

Can please tell us more about Almas WebService? i searched in google but found nothing , so how can i use this?

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