Yii 1.1: payum

Rich payment solutions for Yii framework. Paypal, payex, authorize.net, be2bill, omnipay, stripe and many more

Payum Yii Extension

The extension integrates payum into yii framework. It already supports +35 payments. Provide nice configuration layer, secured capture controller, storages and lots of other features.



PayumYiiExtension is an open source, community-driven project. Pull requests are very welcome.

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PayumYiiExtension is released under the MIT License.

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makasim at 2015/01/21 03:08pm
Now you can store payment credentials\config in the database

For that you need a payment config model a storage for it and dynamic registry. More here http://payum.org/doc/0.14/Core/configure-payment-in-backend

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makasim at 2014/10/06 10:19am
Unified way to process payments

We are working on "Unified way to process payments" - https://github.com/Payum/Payum/pull/204

Feedback is very welcome.

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makasim at 2014/09/16 03:27pm
We've released 0.11 version of Payum and PayumYiiExtension.


We've released 0.11 version of Payum and PayumYiiExtension.

It contains architecture improvements, simplified common use cases, authorize requests was added. We also added a new payment gateway: Klarna Invoice.


The doc: http://payum.org/doc

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makasim at 2014/08/05 11:45am
PayumYiiExtension 0.10.0 has been released.

more payments, more features

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makasim at 2014/07/18 03:38pm
PayumYiiExtension 0.9.0 has been released.

It contains lots of impr and fixes. It is available only via composer.

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makasim at 2014/07/09 04:08pm
More payments are supported

It now natively supports stripe.js and stripe checkout too.

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venuk at 2014/04/24 07:25am
how to use in yii2

Can you please upgrade to yii2

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makasim at 2014/03/20 07:52am
Prove of concept. Payum as a service.

Dear yii community.

I want to share with you my idea and get a feedback.

While working on payum library I realized that things could be packed to a standalone service. The service has to do all boring stuff where you can concentrate on business related tasks. It has to be easy to setup and extremely easy to use.

Here's you can find more details about the service: http://payum.forma-dev.com/payum-as-service

I can implement it but before I start I want to hear your feedback. Is yii community interested in such service?

Thanks for your time.

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makasim at 2014/01/04 03:46am
Release 0.7.0

I've just released 0.7.0. Many bug fixes and improvements.

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makasim at 2013/11/13 02:48am
PCI DSS discussion

See an issue 78

#15432 report it
makasim at 2013/11/08 03:39pm
Working on active record storage

More details in PR#3

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