Yii 1.1: packagecompressor

A Javascript/CSS compressor based on Yii's package system


  • Javascript and CSS compression of Yii clientscript packages (using YUI compressor)
  • Does not interfere with scripts and CSS registered outside of packages
  • Automatic or manually triggered compression
  • Locking mechanism to prevent multiple concurrent compressions
  • Workaround for the thundering herd problem
  • Command-line maintenance script

For all details please visit the github project page.

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Mike at 2014/07/14 09:47am
Re: Java?


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Roman Solomatin at 2014/07/14 09:27am

This software (actually the YUI compressor) needs Java runtime to be installed on the server?

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thiagovidal at 2013/10/29 03:50pm
Just thank you!

Blessed be you. I was looking for something like this. Thanks!!!

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schmunk at 2013/10/23 01:11pm
Best clientscript extension

The combination of scripts with their dependencies into a single file if you want is just awesome.

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