Yii 1.1: numtoword

Convert any kind of number (digits) into word format

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Use follwing syntax to get result of your number digits.

<?php $data = $this->widget('ext.NumtoWord.NumtoWord', array('num'=>10250)); print $data->result; ?>

Result of this syntax is : ten thousand, two hundred and fifty

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vijay p s at 2014/09/30 07:55am

Thank You.. And Appreciative Work !!!

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Suesh KUMAR Mukhiya at 2014/05/18 01:38am
About the Extention

I used this plugin and was happy to use that. Thank you author for taking time to develop useful plugins like this.

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nineinchnick at 2013/04/21 07:14am
comparison with Numbers_Words

How is it different from Numbers_Words from Pear repository?

#12739 report it
karmraj at 2013/04/09 05:45am

Yes, Currently it is support english word only. In future updates we are trying to support more lang.

Thanks for suggestion.

#12738 report it
Alphard Coding at 2013/04/09 04:36am

Does it support english words only?

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