Yii 1.1: multiappbase

Multi-application starting-point/sandbox environment

This is not a true extension, it is just sandbox / starting point of an Yii auto-generated application, formed with guidelines presented by Qiang in excellent wiki article The directory structure of the Yii project site

I've created this just to save some time for others.

This is just starting-point, feel free to change/modify this layout to fit Yours needs.


  • Skeleton was generated using Yii 1.1.6
  • Skeleton assumes that Yii framework is located under /common/lib/yii, but as everything this can be changed


Download and uznip package, correct Yii framework starting file location to fit Yours needs in 3 files:

  • /front/web/index.php
  • /front/web/index-test.php
  • /console/yiic.php

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  • Yii Version: 1.1
  • License: New BSD License
  • Developed by: canni
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  • Created on: Mar 25, 2011
  • Last updated: Mar 25, 2011
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