Now it's easy to create masked image with this user friendly extension.

Mask your image with different shapes and dimension. More option coming in future.


-Developed and tested with Yii 1.1.12 but may working with older versions too. -PHP GD library enabled.


Extract the source file into protected/extensions folder.

Simply put this below widget in view file:

$this->widget('ext.imagemask.ImageMask', array(
    'shape' => 'round',
    'imgpath' => Yii::app()->basePath.'/../images/mango.jpg',
    'width' => '200',
    'height' => '200',
    'title' => 'Sample Image',

Available shape: round, roundedsquare, polygon, oval.


...external resources for this extension...

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Robiul at 2013/05/31 06:00am
Demo coming soon

hi samilo, demo is coming soon, thanks for using this extension. Any suggestion or comments will be appreciated.

#13462 report it
samilo at 2013/05/30 01:53am
Where is the demo

Can you add demo ?

#13439 report it
rajesh chaurasia at 2013/05/29 05:40am

in shape you can use 'round' 'oval' 'roundedsquare' 'polygon';

#13437 report it
Robiul at 2013/05/29 05:29am
Fixed doted file name issue

thanks pmaselkowski. I have fixed the issue.

#13430 report it
pmaselkowski at 2013/05/29 04:47am
Use pathinfo

Will fail if file has dots in name. To get file extension better use pathinfo

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