Let you pick and search location City, Country and coordinates on map

This extension let you pick and search location City, Country and coordinates on map.


(Yii 1.1 or above) and you must get your own map key using Google API Console: https://code.google.com/apis/console


$model = new Location();
$this->widget ( 'ext.LocationPicker.LocationWidget',
        array (
                'model' => $model,


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shiv at 2013/07/18 06:55am
Thansk @Fábio Felicidade

Thank you so much. I shall correct this in next release.

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Fábio Felicidade at 2013/07/09 08:26am
issue in div map wrapper

Nice and very useful extension. But i had a problem using the extension inside a div of mine: a custom button called after map was rendering outside the div.

I corrected the problem replacing line 84

<div id="gmap" class="map_canvas" />


<div id="gmap" class="map_canvas">

because the


at line 107 was double closing same div (open and closed at line 84) so this extra closing tag was closing my div.

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shiv at 2013/06/06 10:57pm

Thanks , i'll do that.

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samilo at 2013/06/05 08:59am
add some feture

Hi Thank you I suggest for you to add current city related to visitor ip . will be good add .

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mbala at 2013/06/05 08:31am
Nice Demo

I like this extension demo

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