Yii 1.1: live-css

Edit and save your stylesheets in your browser

I made a Yii extension from the Drupal modul Live CSS.

The original author of the Drupal modul was Guy Bedford. Many thanks him for his great tool!

This extension can edit and save the CSS/LESS files in the clients browser.

If you want to edit LESS stylesheets disable the server-side compiler LESS extension!

Tested with

  • firefox 16
  • apache 2.2
  • kubuntu 12.04
  • Yii v1.1.12


                // overwrite default assetManager, retrieve file path on server
                'assetManager' => array(
                        'class' => 'ext.livecss.ExtAssetManager',
                // overwrite default CClientScript, before rendering scripts save settings to javascript
                'clientScript' => array(
                        'class' => 'ext.livecss.ExtClientScript',
                // the LiveCSS extension
                        'theme' => 'twilight', // the selected theme
                        'useLess' => false, // use less stylesheets
                        'paths' => array(
                                // define other style files
                                // 'css file name' => 'full file path on server of the css file',
                                'my.css' => '/var/www/site/dummy/my.css',

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