Yii 1.1: jappendo

A widget that encapsulates the jQuery Appendo plugin.

A widget that encapsulates the jQuery Appendo plugin. The jQuery Appendo plugin is a lightweight plugin to manage cloning form rows with input controls.


Yii 1.1.4 or above...


  • install and explore the code of the demo application

Internationalization (I18N)

The widget support german and english at the moment. If you have a translation of the message file in an other language than feel you free and send me a mail with your translation!

Change log

Version 1.0

  • initial release

Version 1.1

  • I18N support for error messages
  • added cssFile-property
  • javascript changes

Version 1.2

  • some code optimations

Resources for the jQuery plugin

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#6217 report it
msc at 2011/12/19 10:57pm
2 appendo in 1 form

Hi Angela.. it's possible. you can't use CActiveForm, but only use CHtml::active for form element

#5633 report it
angela88 at 2011/10/26 11:10pm
2 appendo in 1 form

is it possible to build 2 appendo in one form??

#4793 report it
vasudev at 2011/08/17 09:09am
jappendo with dependant dropdown

hi, can you explain how we can use jappendo with dependant dropdown. prob that will be a very good feature. a plus for jappendo to have this feature.

#2938 report it
PrplHaz4 at 2011/02/27 07:42pm
What is the proper model to pass to this widget?

Can you offer a better explanation of how to use the "model" parameter for this widget? It would seem to make more sense to pass the model class, since you'll be returning an array models, and in most cases, never operating on a single instance of the models' class.

Thanks for introducing me to the jappendo extension. It is the functionality I was looking for without having to do the heavy lifting myself.

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