Yii 1.1: iviewer

show , zoom and rotate images
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This extension use from jquery iviewer plugin and it's show images with zoom and rotate


tested on yii 1.15 ; may works well with previous version .


download it , and extract it to protected/extensions dir , then in your view file use it as other standard CWidget class .

this widget create zoom and rotate in a div for your image, you can use it in your view file like this:

$this->widget('ext.iviewer.iviewer', array(
    'jsHandlerVar' => 'myvar', //you can name a variable in  js for handle iviwer
    'selector' => '#iviewer-content',
    'options'=> array(
        'src'=>Yii::app()->request->baseUrl.'/images/'.$data->file_name, // your image address
<div id="iviewer-content"></div>


if it`s useful for you like it.

create by hooman mirghasemi

هومن میرقاسمی

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