Provides a custom help tool that can be very easily integrated with your web applications.

Help System is an open source Yii framework extension which provides a custom help tool that can be very easily integrated with your web applications. You can place the widget any where in the view with just a few lines of code. The help text can be categorized into "Sections" and "Topics". You can add N-number of "Topics" under each "Section" and each "Topic" in turn can have N-number of child topics.


  • Tested with Yii 1.1.14, should work in earlier versions
  • Bootstrap 2 or 3


  • Extract Help System to protected/extensions folder
  • Run the following MySql scripts extensions/helpSystem/database/1_DDL/1_helpSystem_base_script.sql extensions/helpSystem/database/4_DML/1_hlp_Language_Insert_script.sql
  • Add main.php
            'allowedImageSize'=>2, // add the maximum upload size in MB. Enter int value.
            'imageUploadPath'=>'images/EditorImages',// the path to which image uploaded.
            'allowedImageTypes'=>array('gif', 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'png') // allowed images types


    'bootstrapVersion'=>'2',// Pass the current bootstrap version 2 or 3

    'userRole'=>array()//Add roles if any. eg array('admin','editor')
    'pageLayout'=>'//layouts/main'// give the layout if any


Add following widget code in you view

<?php $this->widget(
           'linkClass'=>'btn btn',
            'sectionId'=>your Section Id, 
            'topicId'=> <topic id>, //your topic id  if you want to see specific topic than topic index
            'header'=>'Help System',

Detailed configuration



Help System client provides a dynamic widget that can be placed anywhere on your web page. The widget provides a link which when clicked will open up a popup window which displays the "Sections" and "Topics".


In the Admin section there is a content management system which you can use to add help content. Admin url –

http://<domain name>/index.php?r=helpSystem/admin/topic

Note – If URL rewrite is on this will be different.

checkout demo for more details.

What's New

Version 1.1 (07 Feb 2014)

  • Added new custom editor using Ck Editor features with image upload
  • Individual topic display.
  • Removed Cleditor.


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#16222 report it
Digital Mesh at 2014/01/31 12:31am

If you would like to change the parent of a topic you need to use the 'reorder topic' feature. Hope this is clear.

Thanks for your feedback.

#16214 report it
hunterek at 2014/01/30 08:23am
Admin bug

If you login @admin and create new topic with parent you can't change it in edit option.

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