Yii 1.1: geocode

Obtains geocode for an address

This extension obtains the latitude and longitude for a given address.

v0.2 updates Extension is configurable, Return more information, and Traps error.

Feedback and comments are welcome to make it better




  • Yii 1.0 or above


  • Extract the release file under protected/extensions


See the following code example: * Example ~~~

Change Log

October 11, 2009

  • Initial release.

October 12, 2009

Extension is configurable Return more information Traps error

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#1258 report it
Deepak Pradhan at 2009/10/12 06:00am
Extended to v0.2

Other information are added

Error handling enabled

#1260 report it
killermonk at 2009/10/11 07:38pm
Does the basics

This does the basics of what is needed to Geocode with the Google API, but it ignores a lot of the other information that Google returns.

It does not have any error handling for if the request fails, if google cannot Geocode the information (a bad address), and some of the other error codes you can get. It also completely ignores all of the information that google returns involving the more detailed synopsis of what the address is.

However, this extension is what it is, a simple easily customizable interface for getting the lat/lon of an address from google.

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