Yii 2.0: free-mobile

Free Mobile logging: send log messages by SMS to a mobile phone.

Free Mobile for Yii

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Free Mobile logging for Yii, high-performance PHP framework.

This package provides a single class, yii\log\FreeMobileTarget which is a log target allowing to send log messages by SMS to a mobile phone.

To use it, you must have a Free Mobile account and have enabled SMS Notifications in the Options of your Subscriber Area.


The latest PHP and Composer versions. If you plan to play with the sources, you will also need the Phing latest version.

Installing via Composer

From a command prompt, run:

$ composer require cedx/yii2-free-mobile

Now in your application configuration file, you can use the following log route:

return [
  'bootstrap' => [ 'log' ],
  'components' => [
    'log' => [
      'targets' => [
          'class' => 'yii\log\FreeMobileTarget',
          'levels' => ['error'],
          'password' => '<your Free Mobile identification key>',
          'userName' => '<your Free Mobile user name>'

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Free Mobile for Yii is distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0.

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