Yii 1.1: fb-fanpage-gallery-or-album

Get Album and Photos from Facebook Fanpage

Get Album and Photos from Facebook Fanpage using simple javascript

Note: only works on Fanpage. ordinary users requires an authentication


Yii 1.1 or above


extract the files under your extensions folder

    'pageId'=>'snapshop.ph', // The Id of the Facebook page. Can be the Id or the username
    'exclude'=>array(), // Ids of the albums you don't want to display. e.g. array('352683711441378','196199743756443')
    'enableFBScript'=>true, // default to true
    ), // see more javascript options at https://github.com/tilldreier/jquery-fbalbum


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Daniel at 2014/04/30 05:10pm
Display one album full photos


First of all, great extensions. I was wondering how could I display all photos of one album? My situation is that I have several albums in my fb page. In my website, I have 10 categories and each category related to one album in the fb page. I think I will put 10 of your extension widget on the page and on each widget exclude the other 9 categories. Hence, only one related album is displayed per category. However, I want all photos in each category to be displayed. not just the folder. Any help? thanks in advance.

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