Yii 1.1: ezclip

A widget to copy to clipboard


This widget is used to add a link or a button in a view and text copy to clipboard. This extension uses a plugin for jquery called ZeroClipboard by http://steamdev.com.


  • Yii 1.6 or above.


  1. You have to download and upload files to /protected/extensions/Ezclip/.

  2. Implementation: Add this code to a view.


$this->widget( 'ext.EZClip.EZClip', array(
  "type" => "input", //Type of HTML object eg. input, default is "textarea".
  "idSelector" => "idText", //Id of HTML object.

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haymps at 2012/07/24 06:03pm
Any widget to paste from clipboard out there?

I'm going to try this one, but I was looking for one in the other direction. Might be easy from the code in this widget. I am newby, so not really looking to do this just now. Nothing ventured, nothing...

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