Yii 1.1: egoogleimages

This widget displays images via google images search

This simple extension uses jsonp protocol to comunicate with google images server. It is beta release. If it will be usefull for someone I extend this extension with more options and features.


Yii 1.1 or above...


Put extention directory to the your application extension folder

// here is example how to display three pictures which will be found using keyword "winter"
$this->widget('ext.eGoogleImages.EGoogleImages', array('q' => 'winter', 'size'=>3, 'safeSearch'=>true));

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David Walker at 2013/01/15 05:08pm
Hmm - could be handy!

I like the idea of this extension. A simple modification that would be very useful would be to add a class to the image tag to allow all customisation too be done through the css file in the asset directory

I am having issues when using 'size'=>'9' or greater. Nothing ever loads. I'm not sure what's going on behind the scenes as I don't have access to firebug on this pc to check.

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