Yii 1.1: egauge

Gauge Chart

This extention just wrapper from http://www.dariancabot.com/projects/jgauge_wip/


requirements of using this extension (e.g. Yii 1.1 or above)...


extract to /protected/extentions/

<?php $this->widget('ext.egauge.EGauge',array('value'=>10));?>
<?php $this->widget('ext.egauge.EGauge',array('value'=>50));?>
<?php $this->widget('ext.egauge.EGauge',array('value'=>100));?>


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David Walker at 2012/10/24 08:32am
[Solved] Bootstrap issues

Fixed the issue by adding

background-color: transparent;

To Jgauge.css on line 58 (in div.jgauge p.label)

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Ahyo Haryanto at 2012/10/24 08:09am
@david walker

you can check using firebug, i think it has the same css tag with bootstrap

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David Walker at 2012/10/24 05:55am
Bootstrap Issues?

Nice extension. Could come in very handy for a project I am working on. However When I use the widget with a site that is using bootstrap the value in the middle of the gauge is displayed in a grey box.

Any ideas?

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