Yii 1.1: edashboard

Simple iGoogle like dashboard


igoole like dashboard for your application. move/remove/save/minimize portlets can be done.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2


Yii 1.1.6 or above


Download and extract dashboard_v_1.0.zip

Copy extracted dashboard folder to extensions directory

// In your view page do followings
$obj = $this->widget('application.extensions.dashboard.dashboard', array(
    'divColumns' => array('column1', 'column2', 'column3'),// Css class names of DIV columns
    'dashHeader' => array('show'=>true, 'title'=>'Dashboard')// Dashboard header options
// Adding portlets to each column
// These column1,column2,column3 css classes are defined in dasboard/assests/css/dasboard.css 
// You can define your own columns and assign here also define them in above "divColumns" array as well
// =====================
<div class="column1">      
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('feeds', 'Feeds', 'Feeds Data');?>// portlet id, name, content
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('news', 'News', 'News Data');?>
<div class="column2">
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('shopping', 'Shopping','Shopping Data');?> 
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('hits', 'Hits','Hits Data');?> 
<div class="column3">
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('weather', 'Weather', 'Whether Data');?>
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('traffic', 'Traffic','Traffic Data'));?>
<?php $obj->end()?>// Closing widget
// EXAMPLE 2 - Using render partial
// ================================
<div class="column1">      
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('feeds', 'Feeds', 'FEEDS PORTAL');?>// portlet id, name, content
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('news', 'News', $this->renderPartial('_news',false,true));?>
<div class="column2">
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('shopping', 'Shopping', $this->renderPartial('_chart',false,true));?> 
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('hits', 'Hits', $this->renderPartial('_grid_view',false,true));?> 
<div class="column3">
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('weather', 'Weather', '28 C Colombo');?>
    <?php $obj->addPortlet('traffic', 'Traffic', $this->renderPartial('_meter',false,true));?>
<?php $obj->end()?>// Closing widget
// Thats all
// Note: This dashboard save user selected portlets in a cookie for 30 days. Hope to save them in a db in future releases.

Set Up Demo

Download and extract dashboard_demo.zip

Copy dashboard_demo folder to web root and set Yii framework path in index.php

Now run http://localhost/dashboard_demo/index.php


1) How these charts were genarated?

Using jqplot chart library

2) How to adjust the width of containers?

Just change columns width in dasboard/assests/css/dasboard.css

3) My css changes were not applied

Just clear assests folder and run again

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#14279 report it
Aneesh Asokan at 2013/08/01 04:59am
Remove close button

How can i remove close button in each sections in the dashboard? thanks.

#9094 report it
Aruna Attanayake at 2012/07/19 11:04am
Re js


Today I checked it with bootstrap and there is a issue with setting dialog, it will not display anything, only blank box is displayed.I think you too have the same issue? I`m looking forward to fix it.

Thanks Aruna

#9091 report it
iceinrain at 2012/07/19 06:14am

this ext have a conflict with bootstrap, how to make it work together

#8902 report it
Aruna Attanayake at 2012/07/06 11:03am
Re Very good

Hi scoob.junior,

Thanks for your comments.If you want to pass back end data to portlet use render partial as below.

<?php $obj->addPortlet('hits', 'Hits', $this->renderPartial('_grid_view',array('backend_data'=>$backend_data),true));?>



#8895 report it
Junior - df9 at 2012/07/06 07:23am
Very good

Thanks for this excellent ext

I've got a small cms with a fixed dashboard and would like to use this ext, however, I'd like to ask you how do we render widgets instead of views in the content, like

$obj->addPortlet('feeds', 'Feeds', <<my_widget_backend_feeds_in_here>> )

Thanks in advance


#8883 report it
jasonban at 2012/07/06 03:00am
Error in generation view

Thank you for the wonderful extension...It worked out for me...

#8882 report it
Aruna Attanayake at 2012/07/06 02:41am
Re Error in generation view

Hi Sundarban,

Attached the demo project(dashboard_demo.zip) also. You can use it.

Thanks Aruna

#8881 report it
jasonban at 2012/07/06 01:06am
Error in generation view

Thank you for your help regarding example 1. Which was easy to implement As well as It will be better if u will provide render file also.It will be easy for beginners.

Thanks in advance Sundar

#8873 report it
Aruna Attanayake at 2012/07/05 11:04am
Re Error in generation view

Hi Sundarban,

I have not included actual render partial files(_news,_chart etc..) there. It is just to mention how to use this extension with render partial.You can create your own view file and include using render partial.Try with EXAMPLE 1, there is no render partials.

Thanks Aruna

#8870 report it
jasonban at 2012/07/05 07:49am
Error in generation view

Hello, I am try this new extension. Well I had gone through the guide. But I can understand one thing. There is a

<?php $obj->addPortlet('news', 'News', $this->renderPartial('_news',false,true));?>

and similar for other form like _chart,_grid_view,_meter?

where renderpartial form name is _news. I could not get display even after changing the name of form. How to display this in our local form?

Thanks in Advance Sundar

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