Yii 1.1: eaccordianextention

Use for making Accordian Menus

This extension is developed for making interactive Accordion jQuery panels


Yii 1.1 or above


...how to use this extension... Extract Zip archive in protected/extensions and place code where you want to show your widget

                   'class'=>'list1 pad_bot1',
                       "TAb Name"=>array("Link Name"=>"URL","Link Name"=>"Url"),


feel free to contact me in case of any bug or problem

**Syed Uzair Shah **


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Trejder at 2013/04/15 03:18pm
Do we really need it? :]

What about CJuiAccordion? What is the difference between in and your extension?

Either I'm missing something or you wrote an extension that is an exact duplicate of functionallity already available in core framework.

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The Zohan at 2013/02/11 08:02am
Bad one

Doesnt work and uses google CDN for jquery Ui accordion

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