Yii 1.1: donate

A donation widget for the yii programming framework. currently supports paypal,moneybooker and alertpay.
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         'email',   //your  email address
         'item',    // the description of what the donation is going for
             'currency',   //the currency to accept (defaults to usd)
         'amt',      // the amount to donate
         'type', // type of donation 'paypal,moneybookers,alertpay'\
         'item_code', // for use with moneybookers and aertpay
         'language', // EN,SP etc
         'quantity', //quantity 
         'beforeform', // place divs here or whatever you want to appear before the form
         'rid'='5413099', //use with moneybookers
         'userbid',       // allow the user to set the donation amount     


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