BrowseJabber - A Yii based Chat Module

Browsewire Jabber is a yii based chat module that can be integrated to any yii application so that the application users can interact with each-other after they have logged-in.


Yii 1.1.10 or above


This module is still under development and has been completed upto 70%.

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Browsewire Consulting at 2014/05/15 07:42am
Required is Under Development

Hi Manoj,

Thanks for the compliment.Yes, an extension is under development which will most probably work like facebook chat (including the stickers, seen modes etc.) except video chat.

In fact, we are actually modifying the chat application you saw further to achieve the required.

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Manoj M at 2014/05/15 06:16am
Better Solution


This seems to be a simple chat application, eventhough good work. Is there any extension that is as same as the facebook chat. Like replica of the facebook chat with all the functionalities, stickers, seen modes etc..

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