Yii 1.1: atthevip-cms-application

This application is specifically made for a site that wants to display events, clubs listing, galleries etc…

Please Use the support topic for questions!

This is something i've made for the nightlife arena, This application is specifically made for a site that wants to display events, clubs listing, galleries etc… You can customize pretty much anything. It supports uploading images to both rackspace file server or locally (preferably rackspace files as it's faster). Demo can be seen here: http://atthevip.com


  • Clubs Listing – Full System
  • Galleries – upload locally or to rackspace, full management, visibility options, cover selection, resizing and watermarking
  • Custom Pages – Full System (Includes categories, tags, posts, replies, multi-language, permission based and more)
  • Events listing – Full system with thumbnails, geo location etc..
  • Facebook comments for galleries, clubs, events
  • User Manager – Full user manager
  • Permission Manager – Hierarchy based permissions
  • Contact Manager – Allows users to contact you through the website and it will email those to a certain email and add them to the admin control panel where you will be able to view and reply directly from the admin control panel.
  • Statistics
  • Dashboard
  • Full featured Control Panel with ability to restrict certain users to certain places in the ACP
  • Facebook integration – Ability to allow users to login and register from their facebook account
  • Social ready – You can share pretty much everything with Twitter and facebook share buttons
  • Signup & Login – Ability to signup for the site and login, includes forget password option that verifies the user through his email same thing applies for the signup process.
  • Settings Manager – You can change the sites settings right from the built in admin control panel, You can add settings at any time from the ACP and use them in the code as well.
  • User public profiles – Displays what content is user submitted, his info and role in the application.
  • SEO Ready – All links are SEO ready that includes the user profiles, articles, blogs, custom pages, downloads forum topics etc..
  • And more features


Yii 1.1



  1. Clone the repo into a web folder
  2. open protected/config/config.php and update the config variables, change the verifyLocation key in the first if statement to make it work in debug mode, otherwise just change the values in the else statement to make it work as in production mode.
  3. run the migrate using php yiic.php migrate and apply all the migrations
  4. import the protected/data/inserts.sql file into the db
  5. make sure you chmod protected/runtime and /assets /uploads to 0775 or 0777
  6. access http://domain.com/admin to access the admin area user/pass is: admin/admin
  7. make sure you change the settings under the settings tab


Please Use the support topic for questions!

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#11482 report it
jwerner at 2013/01/16 06:14am


I noticed a few things during installation.

  • the directories protected/assetsand protected/runtime are missing in the Git repo and need to be created, being writeable for the www user
  • Admin login should be with admin@admin.comand password admin, as this is the data being created by the inserts.sqlfile
  • In table authassignment, the value of itemname for userid 2 should be changed to Admininstead of admin
  • If links don't work, comment out 'urlFormat' => 'path',in protected/config/main.php.

Regards, Joachim

#10000 report it
ghastlyy16 at 2012/09/27 10:03pm
error occured help please

Notice: Undefined property: CWebApplication::$settings in C:\xampp\htdocs\party\protected\models\Settings.php on line 134

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\party\protected\models\Settings.php on line 134

#9731 report it
yuran at 2012/09/07 06:23am
what is error?

In admin panel enable option - content -> news. When viewing a category error occurs:ALIAS "WIDGETS.BLOGSIDEBAR" IS INVALID. MAKE SURE IT POINTS TO AN EXISTING PHP FILE.

for example, as well as here http://atthevip.com/news

#7696 report it
yuran at 2012/04/10 07:15am

The system is unable to find the requested action "clearcaches".

File: /...../framework/yiilite.php(3321) Type: CHttpException 404

0 /...../framework/yiilite.php(3203): CController->missingAction('clearcaches')

1 /...../framework/yiilite.php(1686): CController->run('clearcaches')

2 /...../framework/yiilite.php(1606): CWebApplication->runController('admin/gallery/c...')

3 /...../framework/yiilite.php(1135): CWebApplication->processRequest()

4 /...../index.php(27): CApplication->run()

5 {main}

#7674 report it
yuran at 2012/04/08 11:05am
Register users

How to make possible the registration of users?

#7437 report it
yuran at 2012/03/22 04:38pm
Login - admin@admin.com pass:admin does not work!!!


Sorry, You are not allowed to enter this section

Help please

#7427 report it
yuran at 2012/03/22 08:12am

event появится если применить миграции как указано. А вот в админку никак не дает попасть... х.з. что делать CException

Sorry, You are not allowed to enter this section.

#7426 report it
ericsko at 2012/03/22 07:35am
Great job

Looks cool, but I can not log in, you wrote to use admin:admin, but login script asks for email, not username. When I use an email, it throws exception: Sorry, You are not allowed to enter this section.

#7402 report it
Vince. at 2012/03/20 02:20pm
It's in a migration


Be sure to read the installation instructions and please use support topic for support.

#7395 report it
PixoiD at 2012/03/20 07:43am

Таблички event нехватает

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