Files of tablesorter (147.2 KB)
Customized buttons with enable and disable option
Released on Sep 25, 2014; downloaded 711 times. (154.3 KB)
Custom name issue and post delete issue is fixed
Released on Sep 2, 2014; downloaded 257 times. (153.2 KB)
Added a default jquery
Released on Sep 29, 2013; downloaded 2,073 times. (74.9 KB)
Fixed the empty content bug
Released on Sep 27, 2013; downloaded 231 times. (74.9 KB)
Fixed the module bug
Released on Sep 20, 2013; downloaded 334 times. (74.8 KB)
jQuery tablesorter extension for YII, for turning a standard grid view into a sortable table without page refreshes. The main aspects of this extension are given below.
Released on Sep 19, 2013; downloaded 77 times.
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