Files of yii-nfy

yii-nfy-0.6.5.tar.gz (16.9 KB)
more examples, web socket support, updated docs
Released on Aug 20, 2013; downloaded 822 times.
yii-nfy-0.6.tar.gz (15.2 KB)
Long polling and fixes for SQLite
Released on Aug 15, 2013; downloaded 399 times.
yii-nfy-0.5.5.tar.gz (14.4 KB)
specify transport in the NfyChannels::subscribe() method; fill value of registered_on when saving NfySubscriptions model
Released on Aug 12, 2013; downloaded 381 times.
yii-nfy-0.5.tgz (14.2 KB)
bc breaking database schema refactoring; updated docs and other minor improvements
Released on Jul 16, 2013; downloaded 161 times.
yii-nfy-0.3.tgz (11.3 KB)
first release
Released on Jul 14, 2013; downloaded 136 times.
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